Top 10 Best Selling Sex Toys

Sex toys have finally come out in the open; they are now the hottest, best-selling satisfaction toys. Are you’re new to toys and want to know where and what to begin with? Or you have used some and were not very pleased with them.  Take a look at the wide range of superior-quality, luxurious pleasure toys listed here. These are the most popular ones sold and preferred worldwide. These adult toys gratify different types of pleasures, so you will defiantly find one that will suit your innermost desire.

You can choose from a sexy, with different speed levels, rabbit vibrator to a exciting bondage accessories or a massager vibrating pleasure wand, and naughty anal toys are just a few to name. Best-selling toys come in wide range and are for pleasure purpose, for you to experiment on your body and accomplish more intense and exhilarating orgasms. Add any or all of them to your collection of toys, and they are sure to become your new favorites!

The list to choose from:

Waterproof Vibrator
It has surprising power with silky smooth touch, user friendly with a classic in design. This vibrator is 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath and explore sensations with a little steam!

G-spot and clitoral rechargeable Vibrator
This vibrator combines function with elegance and is easy to operate. This uniquely-shaped toy is perfectly designed to stimulate both your g-spot and clitoris at the same time.
It is the first hands-free vibrator that works without being strapped on or tucked into the lingerie. Instead, you just need to tuck it in.  Its Rechargeable via USB, waterproof and so cute to look at.  

Magic Wand Rechargeable
The new Magic Wand is lighter and quieter while it still maintains the same powerful vibration that a woman can rely on for years to come. Attachment heads for direct stimulation and penetration are also available and sold separately. It also comes with a plug-and-play option in case you have forgotten to charge it.

Cupid’s Vibrating Love Egg
With a cute design, this is a powerful vibrating pleasure tool. It’s perfect for that intense orgasm and deep pleasures.

The Rampant Rabbit
Equivalent to the power of the original Rabbit, it is super flexible and comes with a bendable shaft. You can mould it to fit your own shape, use it to tickle your G-spot and to intensify your orgasms with every single thrust.
Sensual Massage Oil
Massage oils are perfect for solo fun or delicious sensual games with your partner. Caress your skin with this scented oil, across to ease the tension and get you in mood for some naughty games later. Some of these oils come infused with tiny flakes of 24-carat gold too.

Clitoral Vibrators
The most talked about clitoral vibrators are now easily available for people looking for ultra-luxury. it is a total must have for deliciously wicked pleasures. Amazing vibration strength, 6 incredible settings and a waterproof finish will make this super-sleek vibrator will take your pleasure to the next level.

Comet Key Wand
This is a strange question-mark looking toy, but can change your sex life completely. This toy when paired with a clitoral vibrator is the best bet ever. The scoop shape and globular tip are great for hitting the sensitive top of your intimate area, and the battery on this one will last for a continuous two to three hours.

Toy For Couples
This toy is so revolutionary, U-shaped and pretty small. It slides inside you with one end vibrating against the G-spot while the other snuggles up against the clitoris. The real innovative part of it is that your man can enter you while you’re wearing it, so the vibration benefit

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