Staying Together Without Childless Nights

I don’t know about you, but I’m always seeing blog posts, articles, and pins about the importance of date nights, how to have them, ideas on the cheap, and ideas for nights at home. For me, it can be annoying to see all these articles because quite frankly Hun and I don’t have childless date nights.

In fact, in our 3 years of parenting, we’ve had all of 3 dates. That’s an average of 1 a year!

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That leaves 364 days when we are with our children from sun up to sun down.

You might wonder how we manage it all. Today I’m hanging out with Jess of Faithful Farm Wife sharing our top 3 ways to stay strong and maintain our intimacy, without any date nights!  So head on over to Jess’ blog to see how we manage our relationship in the midst of parenting with an average of 1 date night a year!

Tell me how you keep your relationship strong in the day-to-day. What are some ways you stay connected to your partner while also raising your precious children? Or, if you’ve made it through the young children stage, tell me your biggest tip from that time.

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