Kegel Exercises for Men to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Try these simple exercises and you’ll not only have longer, harder erections, you’ll last longer in bed, and you’ll also be able to shoot like a porn star, so get reading.

You may not be familiar with your pubococcygeus muscles, but this article could actually improve your sexual stamina many times over. Your so called PC muscles are located in your pelvic floor and are the very same muscles that help stop you urinating mid-flow. Next time your visit the bathroom try and isolate these muscles by stopping the stream a few times, (don’t do this regularly as it can be harmful).

I hear many guys complaining about not being able to last long enough in bed and the following workouts could help improve your love life.

Strengthening your PC muscles not only maintains a fully functioning and healthy pelvic floor, they also give you a stronger, longer lasting erection, improves your sexual stamina greatly, and actually make you ejaculate much further if your so wish-many well know porn actors regularly work these muscles out.

Give it a try and reap the rewards; much more important than hours of bicep curls in the gym-this one will keep them wanting more… If you dont want to work and wait, you can try male enhancement pills, here is the VigRX Plus review

Dont wanna pills? Okay! First Isolate this muscle as explained above, (try placing a small towel over your erection and attempting to lift it. 

Exercise 1:

  • Squeeze your PC muscles and hold for 3 seconds-have a 3 second rest and repeat-do this 12 times
  • Squeeze and hold for 10 seconds, then release for 5- do 12 reps
  • Try doing short waves of contractions followed by 10 second holds. Have a breather and repeat.

Do any of these exercise variations 3 times a day, which should last around 5 minutes each. Do it while watching TV, driving your car, or sitting at your desk-just remember not to pull faces else your colleagues will wonder what up with you. 

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