Friend Rquest

To be friends

You asked me if we can be friends…I thought I was your friend, and you were mine. I gave myself to you, I loved you-is that not a friend?

I listened to you, let you sleep on my lap when you were tired, I massaged you when you were stressed-I was your friend. I gave advise, checked up on you, took your side every time-I was your friend.

We had Christmas lunch with my family, laughed and joked, went for movies with my daughter.

My daughter-my most precious jewel, the one person I would die for-the only one I live for-I shared her with you, because I was your friend.

But you were never mine….you looked at me with indifference when I ran smiling to kiss you hello. You shook my hand off when I tried to intertwine it with your own. You hid me from your family like a dark secret even though you were already a part of mine.

You discarded of me when you thought your life would come together, and you no longer needed a friend.

I can’t be your friend, I have tried and I have failed. I can never be your friend because you have never been mine.

I hope you find friendship in your future-when you do, remember to reciprocate it. If you give as much as you receive, you will never have to ask her to be your friend.

Good luck. 

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