9 Ways a Revamped Household Got Me the Guy


‘An Unattended Home can be the Biggest Hookup Hindrance’

You might not believe me if I shared the concept of ‘Sexing Up the House’ for a better love life. As much as it sounds unrealistic, there is a lot of thought behind this newly discovered phenomenon.

I am a single and independent woman who lived alone in a spacious apartment. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I had a pretty active sex life albeit not inside my apartment.

Be it hanging out at a friend’s place or going off for a long vacation, things always looked brighter outside the restricted walls of my home. However, there were times when I was too lazy to go out but not lazy enough to enjoy a romantic date with my guy.

But to my surprise, none of the home-bound plans were successful as most guys couldn’t keep up with cluttered bedroom, unkempt drawers and even my individuality.

This is when I inferred that a person’s libido is directly proportional to the condition of the living arena. While this was more of an epiphany, implementing the fixes resulted in things going back to the normal.

I started dating with renewed confidence and actually succeeded in bringing the guy of my dreams to this once denounced home of mine.

In this post, I would be sharing 9 easy fixes which can help you overcome the hookup hindrances and live uninhibited:

Cut the Clutter

Trust me, ‘Clutter’ is one of the many hookup demons— equivalent to the likes of bad kissing, body odor and even bad breath. Having a messed up home leaves a bad impression as the prospective partner might actually start feeling negatively about you. A mess infront of the eyes often means a messed up head.

Even if you are already in a relationship and living in together, sleeping on the pile of bills, pending projects and filthy clothes can end up being frustrating. Look to minimize the clutter by allotting dedicated spaces for each including dirty clothes, unpaid bills, memos and everything that can get confusing to work with.

Decluttering your home is imperative if you are wishing for that perfect romance.

Avoid Family Photos in the Bedroom

Bedroom is that elusive space that succeeds a romantic evening. The trick is to avoid family photos into the bedroom so as to keep consciousness at bay while getting intimate. As much as you love your family and siblings, watching them while making love can negatively impact the sex drive. While harmonizing spatial arrangement, imagery and even spaces is vital— you must look to stay strictly romantic when the bedroom is concerned.

I had my mom’s photo in the bedroom and it was exceedingly difficult to try out stuffs while facing that picture.

Studies have also revealed that that in order to spur sensuality, comfort and warmth— natural images are the best options. You must remember that hooking up or making love depends on the mood of two individuals and family might actually hamper the libido to a substantial extent.

Tech Tools Are Too Confusing

The best advice for the romantically inclined individuals is to eliminate tech from the love nest. Get one thing straight— bedrooms aren’t corporate establishments and hardly require tech essentials. Cut out on TVs, home theaters and anything that has some sort of circuity associated with it.

Having an alarm is just fine as it will help you get back to senses after a presumably ‘wild’ night. Tech tools are distractions and my office essentials hardly make it to the bedroom— more so when I am with him.

The Past Needs to Meet the Trash

We all have had relationships in the past and some might have ended in heartbreaks. Regardless of the number of past involvements, I would request you to trash the past memories if you are seriously considering moving in with the man of your dreams. This extends up to the bedroom as gifts, cards or souvenirs can get distracting at times. If the gifts are too close to your heart, put them in the store room or stock them with a friend but never keep them in the love nest.

Take Care of the Bathroom

The bathroom can actually present the true picture of a household as it shelters the secrets which are even oblivious to the bedrooms. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep the shower clean and fresh-smelling. I still remember when a pretty appealing guy walked out on me over sweaty gym clothes and soap scum. Not every guy wants to get laid at any cost and the best ones are pretty particular about the cleanliness.

Keeping the loo clean becomes all the more important if you are seriously considering shower sex. That said, the place needs to be clean in order to get dirty over there.

Dimensions are Everything

I am a single woman and a king-size bed will be the last thing I need to care about. However, if you are planning on getting romantically involved with someone, the bed needs to be comfortable—preferably in terms of dimensions. Be it a steamy night of passionate encounter or the early morning snuggle— a comfortably big bed is something you should invest in.

If your bed isn’t the biggest one around, try to streamline the same by cutting out on those extra pillows.

Never Overdo Sex Accessories

We all have a kinky imagination but overdoing it on bed isn’t the way to go. Instinctively, it is the guy who calls the shots but having a few tricks of your own isn’t a bad idea. However, keep the options like vibrators, condoms, sex toys and pills in close proximity to the bed.

A year back, my elder sister stumbled upon my collection of pills while meandering through the shoeboxes. While things did get awkward for a moment, I quickly gathered by wits back and opted for a combination-based lock. I would, therefore, urge the ladies to choose a confidential storage with recallable codes— just to keep the accessories in place.

Bad Lighting Kills It All

While some prefer making love in the dark, a softly glowing boudoir isn’t a bad idea at all. However, never go for an all illuminated approach as it can easily douse off the romanticism. The idea here is to make the shift from ‘later’ to ‘right now’.

Other ideas which are regularly used by me include a non-flammable, light scarf over the lampshade or incense candles. Then again, refrain from using a lot of odor.

Under-the-Bed Storage is your Alter-Ego— Keep it Organized

I would like to objectify the under-bed storage region as your subconscious. The reason is that we do keep thinking about what’s underneath even in the middle of a romantic conversation. Keep the area clean, organized and free of objects which hardly ignite your passion or love for the concerned person. If you are looking for an amorous environment, try to persist with objects that excite you— romantically.


The mentioned ideas are strictly my personal inferences as modifications likes these helped me immensely with my love life. However, if you ever stumble upon the right person, neither of these might actually be required. At the end, it is all about the comfort level between the two and these tips are only there to accentuate that feeling.

Shikha Singh

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