5 Best Ways For Women To Keep Away From STDs

Modern culture around the world has made sex much easier than it used to be in the past. When something becomes as common as sex these days, people tend to take it for granted. Take the example of cigarettes. People will smoke cigarettes even after they have been told the health disadvantages of smoking several times just because people around them are smoking too. In a similar way, sex has become quite a dangerous activity in the recent decades. The big reason behind sex becoming unsafe is because people have forgotten that sex can cause the transmission of dangerous diseases from one person to another.

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STDs or STIs, which stand for sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted illnesses respectively, are becoming more and more common these days. These diseases transfer from one person to another during sex irrespective of what kind of sex e.g. oral, intercourse etc. The responsibility of preventing STDs is equal on both, the men and women. If you are a woman, don’t think you can get away with STDs if your man is wearing a condom. Here are some tips to help you keep as far away from sexually transmitted diseases as possible.

1.      Ask Your Man To Use Condom

As the experts say, safe sex is not for just sometimes or most of the times. Safe sex should be practices every time. It really does not matter how healthy and fit your boyfriend or partner looks, you must ask him to wear a condom when having sex. It has been emphasized in the recent days that latex condoms are the most reliable preventions against STDs. While they are not a guaranty of not having any STD at all, they do prevent most of them. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that the condom is not to be worn only when you are having an intercourse. It has to be worn by your man even when you are having oral sex.

2.      Don’t Have Sex When Drunk

Why aren’t you allowed to drive a vehicle when you are drunk? It is because you don’t have control over your mind and not only can you lose consciousness but you can also do weird things. In a similar way, you don’t want to get drunk to have any control over your mind when you are around your partner. Always have sex when you are fully in your senses. You will never be responsible when you are drunk and won’t even think about any preventions during sex when the alcohol has taken effect on your senses.

3.      Always Have Prior Checkups

The biggest challenge associated with STDs is that there is no easy way to detect them. Most of the STDs don’t have any symptoms that would tell you that you have an STD. The best way to know about any such conditions is through STD testing. You should get yourself tested as regularly as possible if you are sexually active pretty frequently. An even better step to take is to have both of you get tested before having sex. Present your tests to each other to make sure no one is already infected. If you have just met a new partner and you are thinking about having sex with him, it would be best to ask him to show you his latest STDs testing results for your peace of mind.

4.      Don’t Get Along With Those Who Keep Moving

Yes, there are some people who keep changing their partners. If you have recently met someone who has had many partners in the past, you don’t want to have sex with this person unless you are fully sure of the fact that he is clean from any STDs. Ask him to have an STD test before you get into bed with him. Do not just trust their words because you can’t trust a person who has been moving from girl to girl. Some people are really good actors and your intuitions won’t do much good to you when they are trying to make you trust them with their acting. The only way to trust them is through STD tests and looking at their results.

5.      No Douching

Some women are under the impression that douching after sex is going to help them prevent the STDs. What they don’t realize is that they are doing the most wrong thing they can by douching. Modern studies have proved that douching actually removes the bacteria from your vagina that could actually help in preventing the STDs from taking effect in your body. In addition to that, you should familiarize yourself with the dental dams. Dental dams are to be used by men when they are giving you oral pleasure. This little thing provides a wall between their mouths and your vaginal and anal areas to prevent STDs.

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