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The Top 10 Ways to Meet Rich Elite Singles


Dating a prosperous man would feel more secure than an ordinary person. We all know that many elite singles inject more effort in online dating websites, as they are so busy to meet people one by one. To enhance your probability of dating an elite rich man, look for reviews of the most excellent dating websites and choose the best dating sites to sign up. But relying on the chance of online dates alone is not enough. You can also increase your chances further by identifying the top places frequently visited by the wealthy people.


 Dress to kill, carry out yourself with dignity and visit the elite clubs, and you will win the jackpot.


Try to meet the elite class in the following ways and places:


#1 High-end pubs

You won’t find the top-level clubs located just anywhere. Such clubs could be located near major offices or in cities highly populated by wealthy persons.

Next, you have to select the right time to drop into these clubs. Think of late hours after work and weekends or holidays.

Of course, you have to present yourself in the most charming way. However, finding a chance to these exclusive pubs may not be easy; use every available opportunity!


#2 Participating in luxurious sports club or courses

Wealthy elite singles do associate with particular games; for example, tennis, and golf.

Look out for a chance to be in the golf or tennis club. If you can’t play those games, why not sign up for a once week training course? It’s all about frequenting and mingling with rich people.


 #3 Taking part in charity events

Most people who actively participate in giving donations or aid are most likely the top cream of the society. Make an advance plan and secure a ticket (within your budget) to the charity events.


#4 Online dating sites

Many sites do provide private dating grounds for millionaires. Carry out a research and join best dating websites. Ensure you have a complete profile. Don’t compromise on your picture quality.

Signing up to elite dating sites could be the best chance of meeting prospectus partners. Most members of these places are similarly looking out for dating partners. You, therefore, stand a splendid chance of uniting with the right person.


#5 Look for a job opportunity in the fancy clubs

Since well off men have selected meeting places for relaxing or drinking, you have to be creative enough to meet them.

Most of these expensive country clubs offer valuable services. As a result, the average gorgeous girl could find such places unaffordable.

The trick is, therefore, to apply for a part-time job at the high-end pubs. Even if you get a chance to work as a waitress or behind the counter, it doesn’t matter.

You could then have unlimited access to a variety of wealthy single men.


#6 Visit the top-notch spa resorts

When you are stressed and tired, one of the few places you could think of is the spa resort. Just single out the areas providing unique spa services.

Only well to do men can afford the expensive health bath and massage offered. Look out for places offering the health services to both sexes. By frequenting these resorts, you stand a higher chance with a well to do businessman.


#7 Master and perfect a given art

Identify an art or activity where your ability lies. For example, you could be talented in singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument.

Perfecting your skills will make you a star and therefore admirable by many people. You then have a good chance of dating the elite class.


#8 Visit auctioning centers

Auctioning places can be another gathering for rich men. People with a keen interest in pieces of artworks are usually keen followers of auctioneers. You could land a likely stable man at these places.


#9 Be independent

 Focus on your dreams and business goals. Make a stable financial ground for yourself.

If you don’t have the talent to sharpen, why not pursue your career or ambition to the highest level? A higher achievement will equally make you valuable as a precious commodity.


#10 Maintain good grooming and fitness

Wealthy men would always choose the best single ladies from the many young girls at their disposal. So you have to be visible among others. Just carry out yourself with dignity so that you earn it also from others.

In all the parties and social gatherings you attend, be elegant.  Your dressing style should not portray you like a cheap and promiscuous lady. Strive to earn that dignity from the crowd.

When in the company of the wealthy elite singles, do more listening than talking.  Good listening can be another way of showing interest in someone.


Visiting the best elite dating sites for elite singles is only the first step in the quest for thriving businessmen. No matter you are a young woman like older man or older woman seeking a younger man, you have to believe and present yourself with modesty when in a company of the elite class.

 Finally, if you could be gifted in any area, make a good use of it. Sharpen the talent and shine like a celeb. Only men who matter would gather the courage to approach you then.


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Maturity Is Getting It Done, No Whining

Are you mature enough to pass the light bulb test?

I’d been sharing my mid-20s with an educated, sane man for more than two years when he remarked in his cheerful British accent how amazed he was that given all the time we’d been in our apartment, not one light bulb had ever stopped working.

I looked up from the pile of papers I was grading to double-check he was not kidding. He wasn’t.

“What did you think happened? I sold my soul to the lamp fairy? We practically live in a basement. I replace bulbs constantly,” I said.

“I never saw you do it,” he replied. “So I merely assumed we were terribly fortunate.”

That, my friends, was the end of that relationship and the beginning of the light bulb test.

Here’s what maturity does: Maturity fills the salt-shakers and it wipes down the shelves in the fridge when they’re sticky. It empties the kitty litter before stalagmites form. Maturity understands that there can be one junk drawer in a house, but not 27.

Maturity doesn’t text, type, game or take calls when in conversation with others.

Maturity backs up its files, goes to a doctor or a clinic when it’s in pain, and, according to Jan Bell, on occasion picks up the tab when it goes out to dinner with its parents.

Maturity understands that nobody wants the back story of why something didn’t get done because it knows that what matters is the effective completion of a task.

In contrast, immaturity has an extensive list of prefab excuses for why it couldn’t make its deadline. Immaturity uses every tummy ache, flu, headache, fallen arch, hangnail or breakup as an excuse to slip the knot of accountability. Immaturity, then, doesn’t understand why life is always “so unfair, like, always” when it offers criticism instead of condolences for failure.

Immaturity whines; immaturity rolls its eyes; immaturity takes everything personally; immaturity accepts no responsibility; immaturity sprays Febreze on clothes instead of washing them; immaturity shows up late and leaves early.

In short, immaturity is spoiled. And what is spoiled doesn’t ripen. It goes bad early, gets bitter and withers on the vine.

Wanting to escape the consequences of inaction or poor choices is my definition of immaturity. It doesn’t matter how old you are. One of the most immature statements I’ve heard was from a woman 20 years my senior. “I’m not bothering to make out a will. The kids will settle it after I’m gone.” She sounded smug about the fact that her character would be able to exit the scene before the plot’s crisis. She’d convinced herself that she was getting away with something, but I think she was leaving others to clean up her mess — which is a defining feature of immaturity.

While immaturity and laziness are inextricably linked, neither is irrevocable.

TJ Murphy, a recent college graduate, understands maturity better than my older acquaintance. TJ defines maturity in practical terms: “1. Making your own doctor appointments. 2. Separating colors when you do laundry. 3. Rinsing the dishes immediately after use.”

Alison Grambs, author of a new book, “Here’s Why I Suck, Gramma … A Bedtime Story for Grown-Ups Who Need To Grow Up,” says she knows she is now officially an adult because although she will “still yell and scream and stomp my feet and slam down the phone when fighting with my mom,” she will also “Call my mom back, like, immediately, to tell her I love her and that she’s actually right about some — just some, but some — things.”

Maturity asks for help, asks forgiveness and asks if this is a good time to talk. When maturity goes out for a cup of coffee, it asks if you want one. When maturity argues, it also listens. When maturity laughs, it’s in recognition of its own connection to the human condition and it’s not at the expense of others.

Maturity understands that there’s darkness in the world but that there’s no need to dwell in it: We can lighten up and offer illumination to others.

True, you might need to put in a new bulb, but sometimes you can flip the switch, let in the light and with patience, perspective and courage face what’s in front of you.… Shameless Friend,


Twitter @TheGinaBarreca

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Discover 5 Simple Keys To Happiness – Be A Happier You!


What does happiness mean to you? Is it all about feeling good?

How to be happier in life? Is it all about getting satisfied with your work and relationships?

Well, let’s keep these questions aside. Do you really think that you are a happy person?

Admit it. Most of us have already accepted the fact that we are unhappy and it is somehow justified. We have made ourselves believe that we are not worthy of happiness and it is nothing but our destiny. However, the truth is, we need to believe it firmly that we can be and we should be happy if we truly want to be happy in our life. It is the only matter of fact, which is important to understand for every human being trying to be happier.

The Science Of Happiness

Happiness is certainly a spiritual experience but it also has a strong connection with science. While researching in the rapidly emerging field of positive psychology during last few decades, researchers have proved that having a better scientific understanding and implementing effective interventions can help people achieve a satisfactory life. This is called the ‘science of happiness’.

According to science, every individual has the power to control his / her feelings, which is essential for increasing the happiness index gradually. It is not an overnight affair and one needs to keep patience and practice it consistently. But achieving happiness is actually possible when feelings are nurtured. The latest technological development has facilitated it even more by introducing the concept of happiness tracking app, which helps us be mindful of our everyday feelings and keep a track of our happiness levels through an advanced algorithm in order to improve the quality of our life.

5 Simple Keys To Happiness

While the idea of happiness is quite hard to define, it can be achieved in life by regulating as well as redirecting our feelings the following ways:

1.   Understand What Makes You Happy

Identifying your unique happiness factors is something that can make your task of attaining a happy and satisfactory life pretty easy. Not everyone is equal and that is why a single thing does not make everyone happy. Stop comparing yourself, your needs, your desires, your thoughts, and your opinions to those of your peers. Celebrate your individuality and realize your distinct requirements. The moment you stop worrying about what happiness means to others and start enjoying your uniqueness, you become able to find out your own happiness factors.

2.   Set Positive Goals And Chase Them

If you chase goals of your choice, your inner self will get a better feeling as it will get a chance to pursue something that it actually values. Your dreams are what you truly want to do in your life and hence, those are the most positive goals you can ever set to follow. Just make a plan and start chasing your dreams to boost your mood and make yourself happy.

3.   Search Around For Positive Vibes

Positivity is infectious and you need exactly the same power of positivity in your life to be happy. Keep yourself away from negative energy as much as possible. Rather, surround yourself with people who consider themselves happy and can make you feel the same way through their positive vibes. The more you attract positive energy, the happier you feel.

4.   Take Out Some Time For Yourself

‘You’ are the most important person in your life and nobody else can ever change it. Hence, make it a point to take some time out of your busy schedule every day only for ‘yourself’. Pamper yourself, treat yourself with something nice, or simply spend a few minutes thinking about the things that give you a better feeling. These will help you focus on the positive sides of life and eventually lead you to happiness.

5.   Work Out On A Regular Basis

Regular exercising can make us happier and it is proven scientifically. Running on a treadmill or practicing yoga is known to stimulate the release of ‘endorphins’ (a certain group of neuropeptide chemicals) in our body, which aids in boosting our mood to a large extent. In addition, if you work out every day, your immunity will be enhanced, which indirectly contributes to happiness.

There is nothing magical about shifting your state of mind from unhappy to happy. Trace the aspects of your life that impact your happiness positively, believe yourself to be worthy of happiness, and love to be happy. Happiness will love you back too!


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5 Reasons I Love To Dress Up For My Husband

Not every day, but fairly frequently, I throw on a flirty dress just to wear around the house. When I do, I style my hair, and dab on a bit of makeup, just for an audience of one. My husband. It’s been my habit for some time to do some special preening from time to time, just for him. 

I don’t know if other women do this, but it’s a habit that reinforces itself. Here’s why:

  1.  When I take the time to look flirty, I feel flirty and playful. I’ve been with the same man for a couple of decades now, so building in some playfulness goes a long way toward keeping things fresh.
  2. I’m often tired. Who isn’t, really? Today is a day that I’m riding out a snow day in sweats and bed head, and it does nothing for my self-image. But those days when I brighten up my face, spruce my hair and throw on something flattering, I feel better about myself.  And when I feel sassy, it carries over to my demeanor and everything else I do, including interacting with my husband. 
  3. My husband has still got it. Yeah, his hair is on the sparse side, and more gray than brown these days, but he’s avoided the dad-bod, and still has some serious swagger. The fact that he still has my eye makes me all the more eager to keep his. 
  4. It lifts me out of my circumstances. There’s a lot of unglamorous work involved in parenting, especially with special needs added in. It would be so easy to leave myself in the back seat and not bother with my appearance. I am convinced that having a few days a week out of yoga pants and put together helps me feel and even be more together.  I like to think of myself as a professional parent, and dressing with pride enhances that self image. 
  5. My husband responds. He likes it, and it shows. 

Maybe it’s silly, or trite, but for us, it works. It’s a little secret of a marriage that’s successful for the long run. It’s not rocket science or a sure fire marriage fixer, but just one little tool in a marriage toolbox that in my has been beneficial both short and long term. And it’s fun. 

Follow Alethea at Ben’s Writing, Running Mom.

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5 Best Gifts For Her That Will Show How Much Dedicated You Are!

Looking up for some great gifts for your special someone can be quite a task, isn’t it? Especially all you boys out there, the biggest task for you is to decide upon a gift for her, right? So here it is, an article designed just for you to help you make the choices easier and of course narrow down the long list. Don’t forget check this contest to win Amazon gift card of $100 that may help you to save some bucks while buying the perfect gift.

In this post, we have listed down some of the best and one of their kinds of gifts for her, have a look and help yourselves out.Don’t forget check this contest to win Amazon gift card of $100 that may help you to save some bucks while buying the perfect gift for her.

1. Women’s Watch (Quartz Mineral Crystal)

An elegant watch with a little bling would be quite the right combination or any girl. Watches are an everyday need for both men and women, though women don’t always prefer to wear them but on special occasions and to parties, a pretty watch is always an add on.

2. Leather Satchel

A leather satchel is a well a great choice. With two color options to choose from, this is one gift for her on our list which is surely to be liked by all. It is an item of use that can be used on regular days to college, or when your girl needs to carry some stuff to her girl gang meeting or elsewhere.

3. A Perfume Gift Set

This is a cute one though. Purchasing gifts from Walmart is always a good idea given the kind of adorable and amazing stuff they have; especially when it is about your female counterpart. This is a perfume set of 2 and chances are she will definitely love this one.

4. MK Sunglasses

Black is the new black, isn’t it? A pair of sunglasses from Michael Kors is the right thing for her. These are the kind which would suit anyone and everyone and of course they would look nice on your someone as well.  They are actually unisex and may be you could have it if she doesn’t. *winks*

5. A Pendant may be?

Well, shopping some accessories for her wouldn’t really be something you master at, but a heart pendant is always adorable isn’t it? It is something which she would be happy to receive no matter old o young, the silver heart pendant is indeed love.

And that is about it, a list of some cool gifts for her for any occasion you wish to! Hope this helps and the next time you wonder what can you probably gift her, you have your list ready. There is so much you could gift a women, you will never be out of things to gift to her! *if you know what I mean*

Go ahead and choose your gift for her right away!

Happy gifting!

Drishty Shah

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It’s natural to blame yourself for not reaching orgasm every time or at all when you have sex. It’s equally as easy to blame your partner for not getting you there either. As it turns out, you both could be getting in the way of your ultimate pleasure. But you’re not alone, around 30% of women have trouble reaching orgasm.

1) Foreplay takes time.

One of the most common reasons women miss out on orgasms is because the foreplay is often rushed through as if the penetration is the main event. Stop thinking of foreplay as the pre-game warm up and come to know it as the first half of the game.

According to Cosmo, women need about 20 minutes of foreplay to stimulate the body for sexual arousal. This first round action makes for a much better vaginal orgasm and can turn your partner on even more.

2) Thinking to much.

So it turns out, as with anything, your psyche has a lot more to do with your orgasm than you thought. Whether you’re thinking about your body, your fear of vulnerability, or just thinking about thinking, your mind is not allowing you to embrace the orgasm.

These psychological blockers have to be confronted whether with your partner or alone. Repressed emotions will surely prevent you from orgasm and so much more. Spend time with yourself to be honest about what could be holding you back emotionally.

3) Your vagina has lost sensation.

A numb vagina could be the result of repressed trauma or simply being denied the ability to explore sexuality. Either way all is not lost, there are people that believe in the reviving of your vaginal sensation.

Learn to accept your sensuality, own it girl! There’s nothing more sexy than confidence.

4) The clitoris is ignored. 

This correlates with #1. A lot of that foreplay should be focused on the clitoris, because it has more nerve-endings than the vagina. And FYI the clitoris can be stimulated in more positions than just one.

Add some grinding to your sex and maybe even some toys to keep your c-spot stimulated throughout.

5) Your vagina needs exercise.

The vagina’s muscles can become weak over time, which is no fault of your own. But this lack of strength could be the reason you’re not experiencing an orgasm. Yoni eggs or simple kegels can help strengthen your vaginal muscles.


The Girl Spot Brand, LLC 

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Older women seeking younger men

Old fashioned courting usually involves a more mature man courting a younger woman, or possibly a couple of approximately the same age. A new change to the dating dynamic is the concept of a “cougar” – a mature woman who looks for younger men to date. True cougars are mostly single women, normally in their 40’s to 50’s. They are quietly confident and secure in their actions; they will look and come across much younger than their years, often significantly so. They have a passion for life and living it to the full and often revel in their accomplishments. They may not be blonde, and they may not have the most amazing figure, but they have an air about them that demands attention, a naughty twinkle in their eyes with an ability to flirt openly without fear of rejection. They can hunt in groups or singularly and are quick to identify their target and once decided they will happily approach their victim before going in for the kill. They rarely seek long term commitment and make no demands – sex without commitment – a winning combination that many young men will find irresistible.

Why are Men Really Interested in Dating Older Women These Days?

Older women seeking younger men are classified as “cubs” and they have a tendency to look for more mature women for a number of reasons. Older women in many cases are fiscally secure and don’t necessarily require a man to care for them, either financially or psychologically. Women in the 35-45 age bracket are often at or near their top earning years and therefore don’t need the financial assistance of their dating companion.

There are many reasons that have been indicated why mature women are more alluring than the young. It is tough to point why such things attract men as it has never been as obvious as liking a young lady. In fact, there are many resources, facts and more that explains why men would choose to date mature women. Cougar dating is usually for those men who have had the experience of conversing and flirting women older to them. Best indicated as the young male companion that finds the mature and financially secure woman attractive.

How to Find Hot Cougars Looking For Younger Men

An easy way to quickly find local cougars is to join a hugely popular cougar dating websites. Select a site with millions of members. You can join these big sites for free and put in searches to find cougars. What you will find is most older women prefer to use cougar dating websites. They will avoid the lesser-known ones and local services. Once you have a profile, just put in a search for women of your desired age who are seeking men locally. This will often give thousands of results for mature women who you can then email or instant message.

If you would like to date a cougar, there are numerous online cougars dating website now available that appeal exclusively to men who want to date more mature women. These sites provide numerous advantages over basic internet dating sites, as such websites might have a huge number of women who are younger than the ones you are looking for Cougar online dating sites offer precisely what you need – readily available, experienced, sexy more mature ladies who are looking for the company of younger men. If older women are what you’re looking for, a cougars dating site might be what exactly you need.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to settle down, marry, or start a family, you’ll want to be looking at a more youthful dating partner as opposed to dating a cougar. There are exceptions to every rule, obviously, but it is pretty rare for a younger man – older women relationship to lead to marriage, though it does sometimes happen.

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Relationships And Self-Development – What Are The Essential Factors

Relationships image via http://inlpcenter.orgImage Credit:

The ability to maintain relationships is determined by personal skills of both partners. Understanding that, relationships is not a market economy, in which everyone can flourish by only caring about themselves and the ways they present their services. Most of the problems occur in the relationship because of the selfishness and unwillingness to put yourself in the other!

Relationships are not for the satisfaction of your pride, lust, selfishness, but for harmonious coexistence and development of two people, relationship helps you develop altruism, care, as well as many other skills.

In my opinion, a long-term relationship of man and woman is a school of self-development! And the positive experiences that you have can be used absolutely in any relationship with subordinates or superiors, with friends or opponents, with children or pensioners. Which also will serve as a reliable support in many situations. After all, diplomacy, patience, listening skills, are the qualities that are essential for success in life and personal happiness.


·       Develop Your Relationship By Developing Yourself!

It is a great mistake to think that relations will develop themselves, they had needed only to start. Love is not what is shown on movies. It does not consist of one romantic dates and kisses under the moon. A happy relationship requires work, understanding, and skills based on mutual respect and patience. Which most people overlook at the beginning.

  • Love For Granted: It is believed that love is not for something like a reason. That’s right. But in this “coin” has a downside. love can not be taken for granted. Love is a gift of fate. Be grateful to the person who is next to you, for his feelings. Never lie to each other. Lies, like water, can erode the foundation of even the strongest union.
  • Excessive Calm: Have you noticed that when people find a mate and have everything going well, they begin to gain weight? Harmony and peace in a relationship are fine, but this is not a reason to stop to look after each other. Do you want your partner to lost interest in you? Is your favorite person not deserving to be proud of his/her beauty? You should always complement each other.
  • Wrong Time and Place to Settle Issues: Disagreements are inevitable. Quarrel is a part of a happy relationship. But on one condition, do not skip a line. Do not insult each other, do not insult your partner above the limit and remember that there is no conflict, which would be impossible to resolve through compromise. Never discuss the problem of your relationship in public. Whenever your blood is boiling it would be desirable to dot the “I” here and now, do so only in private. In case the problem escalate, you will be able to protect each other integrity.

To build a happy and strong relationships, both partners need to learn to listen to each other, to compromise, to give and take care. Not paying attention to the feeling of your partner can make your partner unhappy and losing confident and doubt in the feeling you both shared. You need to understanding the Foundation of Fulfilling Relationships. And act strongly on the principles.

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I Spied On My Husband- And I'm Not Sorry

It’s December 7th, and Christmas is swiftly approaching. We have a less-than-adequate amount of time to finish our holiday shopping, so that was my cross to carry this morning- which of course carried over into the late afternoon. As I muddled through tab after open tab on my iPhone searching Amazon and Hearthsong and dozens of other sites trying to find some sort of inspiration for a spectacular Christmas gift for my husband, I did something I don’t normally do. Something that at first made me feel icky and bad, but later proved to be an eye-opening decision… I spied on my husband!
I creeped his social media page. I did it. I’m THAT wife.

I’ll reiterate that we are both open and public with our SM accounts, but still- I felt like I was doing something wrong. Out of desperation, however, I trudged on.

Hesitantly I clicked on to his Pinterest account, but I was no sooner on the first set of pins than I was swept away in this whole little world of inspiration- I was immersed in his interests and ideas and dreams and things HE likes and sees worthy of saving. I was in his world completely- his virtual man cave! Recipes and survival tips and DIY projects… it was awe-striking. It was like being in his head for a bit. I wasn’t surprised by most of his saves; some I was. And impressed. And truly interested in him as a person. Here I was in this space he had created with no limitations or outside interference. No one to tell him what to do or what to like. This was his world. And I was a visitor, observing for possibly the first REAL time who he is.

How many times a day to I create and write and draw and live my own life, and yet, this was the first time I have ever really LOOKED at his cyber life. Here’s what I learned:

My husband is a chef. He is an outdoorsman. He is an artist. A gardener. A painter. A father. A husband. A grill master. A creator. A survivalist. A DIY-er… he is AMAZING!
I’ve spent the past 6 years of our relationship viewing him as my husband, my partner, best friend- the father of our kids. But today, I met a man who is inspiring. Who has a whole world of ideas and dreams and goals. And I feel so blessed to be more than just a visitor- I can’t wait to start paying better attention to this amazing person ❤️

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