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Unintended Pregnancy? Not Anymore! Checkout How

Been lost in between infant and adult could be very challenging for our teen and make things difficult for the parent. As a parent, you should know that your teenage child finds it hard to run to you because of that ego telling her that, she is no longer a kid, and she as well can’t push forward to achieved that which is in her mind because she is not an adult yet. They are always that stronger restrictive spirit that keeps her from reaching out to what she need. They all need your help as a parent, and a guardian most especially to understand in depth what the difference between teen and adulthood is and probably the consequence of premature sex and the danger of unwanted pregnancy.

Young women that experience an unintended pregnancy, stand the risk of dropping out of school, psychological and mental health effect. Or in most cases result in abortion even without consulting with their parent or guardian. However, there are many specific factors associated with mental health problems following an abortion.

According to British experts from the Academy of Medical Royal, whatever the outcome of an unwanted pregnancy is, the risk of psychological consequences is inevitable. If this painful experience for many women is closely associated with an increased risk for mental health for the mother, according to the findings of the expert group, the rate of mental health problems is the same for either abortion decision or decision to continue the pregnancy to term. It also turns out that some factors associated with a higher risk of psychological problems specifically related to abortion, mandatory stressful experience. The pressure exerted by the partner or the experience of negative attitudes about abortion decision are elements that further damage the mental health of the woman.

This is not limited to teenagers alone adult can sometimes find them self in a very same situation, but we can actually prevent things from going anywhere close that.


The answer is; Nurx mobile app. Nurx app is a health technology startup, based in San Francisco, California, which focuses on making preventative medication more accessible to everyone through telemedicine. Through the app, people in California, New York, and now Washington State, can get a prescription for birth control and have their prescribed medication delivered to their door within a few days. You can get more info at

Contraception can be a common topic in the sex life, but many young people lack a systematic understanding of contraceptive knowledge, with the wrong contraceptive methods not been unsuccessful leading to unintended pregnancy. How to avoid unwanted pregnancies caused by wrong contraceptive methods can cause great pain to you and your partner. You may wish to rise up knowledge to be on a safer side.

Good contraceptive methods not only safe enough, but also solidify the feelings between husband and wife, but do not fly the contraceptive method because you can not achieve a good contraceptive effect, it will also lead to other diseases.

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How does mental illness affect your relationships? Let me tell you..

The universe took its time on you, crafted you precisely so you could offer the world something distinct from everyone else. So, when you doubt how you were created, you doubt an energy greater than us both. – Rupi Kaur

Depression and anxiety, particularly social anxiety, have a way of playing tricks on you. Depression changes what you think about yourself and social anxiety confirms all of Depressions fears. This can be tricky because even though someone may think you’re a wonderful person, depression makes you think that you are terrible and social anxiety makes you feel that the people around you don’t really like you and that everything depression tells you is a fact. My struggle.

In my life, I have only been in 3 relationships, these relationships have ranged from semi-serious to full-blown let’s walk down the aisle serious. Each relationship was vastly different and my mental health played a huge role in not only how I behaved within the relationship but how my partner at the time behaved towards me.

If I haven’t been clear, I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I also have issues of abandonment, but that’s a story for another day. So let’s get into the details of how mental health shaped my relationships, shall we?

Relationship #1: This was my most volatile relationship. This relationship was like trying to put two completely different puzzle pieces and smashing them together to try to make them fit. It was impossible. During this time in my life, I was young, vulnerable, seeking love and acceptance, all the while suffering from severe depression. This, my friends, is not the person you want to be when you are at the start of a new relationship. My partner was able to delve into my insecurities on the deepest level and because of how my mental health was it became a tricky situation. I wanted nothing more than to be in love and to feel loved that I ignored any and every red flag. I believed it when this person told me that it was my fault that every problem existed. I believed it when this person told me no one loved me and I believed it when this person would call me names like “fat”, “pig”, or “crazy”. The one thing that this person did say to me that at this point in my life I believe to be true is “You are incapable of having a relationship” – Now, the reason why I look back now and find that to be factual is because, he was right. At that time in my life, I was incapable of being in a relationship because I allowed my mental health to completely run amok. I allowed my depression to make me believe that I needed this person in my life, when that was the furthest from the truth. I allowed depression to make me believe that everything this person said about me, my weight, and personality in general was the truth. I was not capable of being in a relationship with someone else for two reasons, 1) I didn’t even love myself and 2) I picked a guy who played on my insecurities. This was my first “serious” relationship.

Relationship #2: This relationship came at a time in my life where I was trying to find myself as a person. I was a young adult, figuring out my next steps in life and trying to decide what it was that I wanted. This was also during a time where my depression was more sporadic but my anxiety was high. This guy, he picked me up from my previous relationship and assisted me in the re-wiring of my brain. This person basically had me on a pedestal and used every chance he got to tell me how perfect I was. Guys, if you need an ego booster – be friends with someone like this. This, however, was my not so serious relationship for a multitude of reasons. When I look back at this relationship, I think the reason that it lasted as long as it did was because I liked the feeling of someone making me feel good. Remember earlier when I said that I was seeking love and acceptance? Booyah. He gave that to me. So really, I still didn’t love myself and I still was relying on someone else to make me feel good about myself. On paper, this relationship sounded perfect and I do believe that he was put into my life for a reason, but not to be my partner in life. For the most part, I stayed in the relationship because I liked the idea of love and being happy. That never works. I think we were meant to be just good friends and because of my want for love, the lines between friendship and relationship became blurred.

Relationship #3: This relationship has been my trickiest. I say that with a slight chuckle and a grin on my face. This is my current relationship, and let me tell you something – Just because I am currently in this relationship does not mean my mental health is cured or that this relationship is perfect. My first two relationships were complete opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, I was a terrible person and on the other hand, I was perfect. In this relationship, there is a happy medium. My mental health during this relationship is constantly changing. The biggest thing for me is at this point in my life is that I don’t rely on my partner to change my mental health. He is my support system during my times of need but I now know that he cannot give me validation, I need to validate myself. In the beginning of our relationship, I was seeking what I previously had, which was to be a princess and be constantly told how perfect I was. I was constantly seeking his validation and became quite frustrated when I wasn’t always receiving it. Now, don’t get me wrong – he compliments me, he also tells me he appreciates me, and loves me but is also not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong or being a drama queen (which if you know me then you know that I definitely can be). This is my let’s run to the aisle relationship *hint hint*

If you notice, I didn’t mention the points in where I decided to end each relationship because truthfully this post isn’t about the person that I was with. This post is about myself, and how I have learned to navigate through each relationship despite my mental health. I have heard many people say that you cannot love someone before you love yourself and if my past relationships reflect anything, it is that this is the truth. I believe that a person battling mental illness can be in a healthy relationship, but it is not up to the person that you are with to make you better. It wasn’t until I started caring about myself and working towards making myself happy that I realized sometimes depression, or any mental illness for that matter, can cause you to stay around certain people for the wrong reasons. If you allow it, mental illness can alter your mindset and really set the tone for each of your relationships, and not only romantic ones but friendships as well. As I began my journey of self-love and happiness, I have been able to distinct fact from fiction. I have been able to have less “bad depression days” and I have been able to build strong relationships that are not based upon how I feel about myself on that day or what I think people may feel about be.

Peace and love.

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Meet Intimacy Empress Milayo Negesti

Milayo Negesti specializes in helping clients to live more delicious lives. She spends most of her time traveling enlightening and coaching females about femininity, self-love, sensual energy and sexual wellbeing regardless of their age. She uses the ancient tool of waist beads to educate them about ways to use the healing properties of colors, numbers, herbs, stones and crystals. As a Certified Life Coach, Negesti takes her clients from the bottom to the top with her “There are no unhappy people allowed” philosophy. She supports her clients in discovering their true purpose, rewriting their stories, and facing fear straight in the eyes. With a full cup of knowledge and a generous heart, Negesti combines her down to earth nature with years of training to build bridges between people of all walks of life. The four T’s, travel, touching, teaching & transforming are her joys.

From a young age, Negesti was in tuned with sensuality and sexuality. Negesti said, “I went through my process of just learning how to be comfortable and when to express that stuff. I was going through being religious and learning to abstain from sex. “



Milayo Negesti earned a Master’s Degree in Human Service Management and was ready to start her own Not-for-Profit. Seemingly out of the blue, she was redirected toward a new course. A spiritual calling grabbed hold of and plugged her into holistic healing. Twelve years later, Milayo Negesti has tapped into the healing arts of massage, energetic healing, empowerment coaching, numerology and sacred healing jewelry design. She saw the parallels in all of these and with a lot of prompting from her ancestors birthed Around the Way Goddess Program. Milayo Negesti means Queen of Happiness and that’s who this Brooklyn, N.Y. native vows to be. From the streets of Flatbush, she leapt to the tree lined blocks of Atlanta, G.A where she lived for seven years with her two fantastic children. She came back home ready to share her story and pen her memoir. Milayo Negesti is fueled by her passion to make an impact.


Social Media:



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I Feel, Therefore, I Am

I was crying.  Scratch that.  I was sobbing.  Ugly, runny-nose, red-eye, hyperventilating squawks of despair even the waterproof mascara could not contain.

My daughter was quick to console…until she learned I was intentionally reading stories I knew would break my heart.  “Mom. Stop.”

“But…but…but…” I protested, gasping, “she was laboring…and then the baby…and oh the sadness…” Incoherent blubbering, as the crocodile tears fell from under my reading glasses.

“Take a B vitamin and SUCK IT UP, woman.” She rolled her eyes at me.

Forget the dichotomy of the right-brained vs. the left-brained, the introvert vs. the extrovert, the optimist vs. the pessimist, the liberal vs. the conservative. 

The  contrasts that most affect my life are the Thinkers vs. the Feelers.

And the differences have nothing to do with intelligence or brain dominance or gender or age.

Most of us (let me just make the transition here)… most of YOU are Thinkers.  You watch movies and are simply entertained.  You read books and maintain the ability to fall asleep when you go to bed.  You meet a suffering friend and are able to be kind and supportive without letting it ruin your day.  

 You listen to a song and don’t feel your entire life wrapped up in the lyrics.  You endure personal loss, and upon reaching the “5th Stage of Grief:  Acceptance”, you pick up the pieces, buy a sassy orange shirt, and move on along.

We Feelers don’t do that. We CAN’T do that. Believe me, we try. We often think there is something wrong with us because we dwell on everything. We FEEL everything. Deeply. Your telling me to “stop it” or “get over it” is like telling me to stop breathing.  The way I feel things is not a defect in my personality, nor is it simply part of who I am. It IS who I am.

Now, some of you Thinkers THINK you are Feelers. You aren’t. Just because you can BE emotional doesn’t make you a Feeler.  If you can reason your way out of an emotion – EVER – you are a Thinker.  And some of you Feelers  assume you must be Thinkers because all you do is think, think, overthink. Don’t be fooled, that’s part of what makes you a Feeler.

Feelers can’t shake the emotion, whichever emotion it happens to be.  I am the one laughing the loudest. The one using sarcasm to deflect pain. I won’t settle for an answer of “I’m fine” when I know you don’t mean it. I will struggle to break down those walls you build around you.  I am not the one gossiping because I refuse to assume the worst about you. But I will take all kinds of crap from you and for you because I don’t ever want you to have to feel the pain I have felt.  Ever.

Feelers crave passion and connection. We automatically put ourselves in your shoes to better understand you. Sure, we are the cryers. But we are also the entertainers. And the huggers. And the empathizers.

This does NOT mean we are always depressed and gloomy. 

Far from it.  But when we are, there is no shaking it, and definitely no faking it. 

We take no comfort in “Things Will Get Better” or “If It Is Meant to Be It Will Happen”.  We only know it is NOT better and the thought of living without whatever it is, is more than we can bear.  And we feel this, not only for ourselves, but for anyone whose story we become a part of.

Unfortunately for me, it only takes 23 seconds for me to invest my heart in someone else’s story.  

And it doesn’t even have to be a REAL story.

By the time the father/daughter duo are dancing at her wedding, I’m sniffling. Before Tim McGraw mentions x-rays as a reason to “Live Like You Were Dyin’,” I’m overwhelmed.  When Max grows tired of the Wild Things and wants to be where someone loves him best of all, my voice is quivering. And I am unabashedly mourning when I realize that no matter how much Noah reads to Allie from “The Notebook”, there really is no such thing as a happy ending in a Nicholas Sparks story.

Tears of laughter. Tears of loss. Tears of frustration. Tears of hope. Tears of anger. Tears of joy.

So when you see me, I will probably be crying.  Or I will have just been crying.  Or I’m about to cry (just give me 17 seconds). If you’re a kindred spirit, you will give me a hug and shed a tear with me.  If you’re a Thinker, you will offer me a Kleenex, tell me it will be okay, and wonder what the heck is wrong with me.

Not one thing.  I’m just A Feeler.




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Best Places in India to Buy Sex Toys

When we speak about sex there is no more fuss around. People’s mentality has changed when it comes to sex. Talking about sex or sex related things are no more considered infamy. Single’s and couple’s are open to try new things to make their sex life exciting. The best example would be the presence of sex toys in India market. It’s everywhere; these are sold on stress, stall, shop and mall. You name it and they have it!

Sex toys have gained unexpected fame in Indian market. People are trying them, liking them and promoting them. Even the manufactures are enthusiastic in manufacturing sex toys and distributing them in different part of India. These sex toys are easily available in the markets of following cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Noida etc. From notorious to decent toys, everything can be found in these markets. Not only in urban cities, you can find modest user of these from Srinagar to Kanyakumari, Guwahati to Rajasthan.
A recent survey claims that 13 percent of women of urban class use sex toys and are ready for experimenting. It’s seen that though these sex toys are for women but the men are who purchasing it for their lady love. These show the broad mentality and understanding that these couples share.

Some shopkeepers display these sex toys openly whereas you may also find some shops that do not exhibit it but they sell it. Now it takes little efforts to find the perfect shop that sell these stuff. From different type of vibrators, dildo and what not everything can be found in such shops. And the price range is some lowest to costliest. These sex toys are imported from China, US and are also manufactured in India, so there is variation in brand and price.
Now you know where to find the best sex toys for your need. But one should also take precautions while purchasing these stuffs.
1. Sex toys are made up of silicon, hard plastic, soft plastic, stainless steel and leather.
2. Invest in good quality sex toys as they will not harm you and will stay long.
3. Even though they say its waterproof the circuit of any vibrator cannot be hold in water for long.
4. Know the size, a sex toys is bigger than it looks. They are made from firmer material which may look fine when touch with finger but will be hard down there. Hence see the material and the size and pick the appropriate one.
5. It’s preferable to pick silicon made toys as they are flexible, pleasant, easy to clean and lasts long.

If you keep the above pointers in mind then you will definitely return home with the right sex toy for yourself.  And if you are shy person and feel weird to go shopping for sex toy then do not worry; online websites are open for people like you. Remember sex toys are pleasure tools and it should not turn into habit. Real pleasure is in making love with your partner.

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Tips to Prepare for Your First Wedding Photography


Although you may be aware of how to use your equipment and you know how to shoot good photos, you can never be too prepared when shooting a wedding for the first time. Knowing some helpful tips will get you going like it’s your 100th wedding.

Every photographer will get their own flow of how they get the job done, but to help you get started here are some tips and guidelines to help you along the way:


First and foremost, research, research, research! Research other photographers websites, read wedding photography blogs, forums, and books to get some tips and tricks of the trade that is right there at your fingertips. I recommend starting with photography by J. Leal. His wedding photographs are beautiful and he has blogs and information that could be very informative to a first time wedding photographer.


Have an attorney write you up a standard agreement between yourself and your bride and groom. The reasons for this is so there is not confusion what your fees are and include a “model release” so you can use your work for promotional purposes.


Get to know the bride and groom. The more comfortable you are with each other, the more their personalities will come out naturally in the photos. If possible, include a no-cost or low-cost engagement shoot.


Make sure you know the wedding agenda, ideally be at rehearsal so there are no surprises.


Visit the venue the day before so you can get a feel of the angles you are going to be able to shoot and best placement for your equipment. If you decide to have someone helping you, it’s a good idea to have them come along with you so you can plan out where they are supposed to be so there is no confusion the day of the ceremony. This is also a good time to shoot landscape of the venue given the weather and time of day will be exact to the day of ceremony.


Have the bride create a “must-have shoot list”. There is nothing worse than a bride saying they didn’t get the picture they wanted of guests that have already left. Make sure you know the names of the wedding party so when you are completing this list you have the right people in the photos. It could be a good idea to have the bride assign someone to help you ensure you are photographing the correct people.


Instruct the bride and groom to kiss slowly, they won’t have a problem with this and it ensures you get that special moment on film.


Natural shots are always a crowd pleaser. A common favorite is a father and father-in-law both standing outside after the ceremony, tuxes unbuttoned and untucked, smoking a cigarette or cigar outside the venue making small talk. Don’t get their attention, just let them be natural. Always keep an eye out for unexpected moments.


And last but definitely not least, have fun! You became a photographer because you love it, so embrace the beauty of any wedding you do. Your photos will be enjoyed by those families (and your portfolio) for years to come.

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Love now = love later on in life

It must have been a particularly bad dream.

My son doesn’t have bad dreams very often, but this one was awful enough for him to leave his bed, make his way down the stairs and traverse through the dark all the way to our bedroom. I woke at the sound of our door opening. He wasn’t crying, but I did let him climb into bed with me for a moment.

After a few minutes, I took him back to his room and agreed to snuggle him for a bit. When I left him, he was mostly asleep, but at the sound of me leaving the room, he said, “I love you more than anyone.”

We all want our children to feel loved, and as parents, we spend a lot of time reinforcing that idea. That feeling of safety and serenity is important for children, and – evidently – can affect them for their entire lives.

In a long-term study (seriously – it is a 78-year long study), researchers were able to gather enough data to show that men who come from warm and loving homes have more secure marriages later on in life. By having participants answer questions about their health and relationships for nearly eight decades, the authors of the study were able to track various relationships and men’s ability to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

It’s amazing to think that hugs can really last a lifetime.

How do you show affection in your family? Tell me in the comments.

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6 Awesome Tips For Women To Make Distance Relationship Work

You live in the era of communication. Today, you can talk to people on the other side of the world as though they were sitting in front of you. In fact, scientists have sent missions toward the rim of the solar system. They have received the new and updated pictures of Pluto, giving scientists a deeper understanding of this dwarf planet and the world a completely new view in the space. Now that the boundaries of the countries and regions have been removed, it has now become possible to fall in love with someone who lives in a different country.

Image credit: ScribbleTaylor

Social networking platforms have become a great place for people from different countries to know each other. When the right people find each other, they start relationship. At the time when they start such a relationship, they are not aware of the many challenges that come with distance relationships. Despite great communication technologies, it is hard for people to make distance relationships work. Here are some tips and words of advice that should help you make your relationship work if you too have started liking someone located miles away from you.

1.      Contact Regularly

Have all the possible means of communication available so you can contact each other whenever you want. You don’t want to consider the comments left on your Facebook as your point of contact. The most important thing is to talk on the phone. There are instant messaging applications that allow you to talk to each other for free. However, cellular communication is still more reliable than internet communication. Not to mention, cellular companies now provide great packages to talk in other countries for low costs. Don’t put long intervals between your contacts because this could make you forget each other.

2.      Know Each Other’s Schedule

It is important in a distance relationship to know each other’s schedule as properly as possible. You want to do that because you want to contact each other at the right time. You don’t want to call each other when anyone of you is busy. Settle a time in the day when you both of you can talk easily. Managing time and availability can be a challenge when you are located far apart. For example, if you are in America and your partner is in Asia, you will easily have a difference of 9 hours in your time zones.

3.      Be Flexible

It’s hard but this is the only way you can make things work in a distance relationships. Both of you might have a completely different lifestyle because of the different cultures. There might be things that you do but your partner does not like and vice versa. Give each other time on these things rather than being strict. Don’t ask each other to change abruptly because not only is that impossible but it will also result in causing a big damage to your relationship. If there are any conflicting ideas, thoughts and cultural practices, don’t discuss them too often.

4.      Send Gifts To Each Other

Make your relationship interesting and stronger with the exchange of gifts. There are several international courier services that can help you send a gift from one country to another. In fact, there are now logistics services that allow you to buy a gift in some other country and have it shipped to your desired address within that country or some other. Look for a local gift website in your partner’s country and have a gift shipped right from there. Online gift shops provide you the ability to send gifts to your loved ones in other countries.

5.      Don’t Postpone The Serious Talk

You need to be very mature about your distance relationship and talk about serious stuff as soon as you can. Ask about each other and try to figure out if things are really going to work for you. If in your heart you know your relationship will not work, don’t waste your time on it. Postponing the matters will make things worse for you. If it is just the start of your relationship, it will be easy to move on. It will become nearly impossible for you to separate when you have remained a part of a relationship for a couple of years.

6.      Don’t Get Angry

The biggest problem with a distance relationship is that you can’t sit together and talk about things. Things are best sorted out when you are in one place and can comfort each other. In a distance relationship, you have to be very calm and composed at all times. Even if your partner has done something wrong, you want to stay calm and deal with the situation in a mature way. Being angry on the phone will hurt you and hurt your partner even more. A small pause in the relationship due to anger could cause it to break.

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The Two Biggest Dating Mistakes New Millennium Women Are Making: Not Asking For or Expecting Commitment From Men

Spoiler: If you’re happy being a Tinderella or the Bumble catch-of-the-day, then just keep on swiping away and don’t bother reading any further.  However, if you’re a woman looking for a serious relationship, then this blog is a must-read for you.

 So, you’ve been dating a guy for months and you’re sleeping with him, and you know that it’s high time you asked him, “So, what am I to you?” “Am I your girlfriend?” “Am I just a booty call?”   “Am I just another friend with benefits?”  

 How do you introduce him to your friends and family?  I’m sure your grandmother doesn’t want to hear that this is your f*ck buddy or that you’re just his swipe-of-the-month.   

 Isn’t it time you addressed the elephant in the room and stopped hip hopping around it? 

 What has happened to 21st century women?  They seem to be just as afraid, if not more afraid of men, than 19th and 20th century women were.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – women may be publicly emancipated, but they’re still privately enslaved to men.

 This new millennium breed of commitment-phobic/player/man-boy has become the modern-day master over women, telling them that they can come this close, but not that close; don’t call me, I’ll text you when and if I feel like it; I can have my cake and eat it, too, “And you’re cool with this, right?  Because we’re pumped up with testosterone and we call all the shots.”

Come on, Girlfriends, are you really so afraid of losing whatever it is you think that you have with this guy, that you don’t have the courage to ask him whether you can be or if you’ll ever be — any time in the not so distant future – exclusive?  I guess you could wait around until you catch an STD to insist that he stop seeing other people; or you could learn the hard way just what you weren’t to him, when he tells you that he can’t see you anymore because he has a steady girlfriend.  To avoid the above two scenarios and some far worse ones than even those, I propose that you just put your cards on the table and ask him right out, right now, “What or who am I to you?”

Oh, but you’re thinking that this tactic might backfire on you; so maybe you just better wait another day or another decade to go there.  I suggest that you try loving yourself the way you’d love your daughter, your sister, or your best friend.  What would you tell these beloved females to do in this instance?  You would more than likely tell them to come to a place of self-love, speak up, and stand up for what they want and what they deserve.

 Come on, already … do you really want to hide your head in the sand and just assume that he isn’t sleeping with other people?  Well, that kind of thinking may bring you a frightening wake-up call in the form of a superbug — drug resistance gonorrhea.   Do you want to risk getting HIV or herpes, just because you’re too afraid to broach the topic of commitment?  I’m sure contracting these diseases isn’t on your “To Do List,” “Wish List” or “Bucket List.” 

 Then what’s a smart girl to do?

 In all honesty, the time to have this discussion is before you drop your thong, not after; but if you’ve already crossed that bridge, then, well, better late than never.

 Just be honest and forthcoming and tell Mr. Commitment-phobe that you’re not comfortable with the situation.  Sure, you‘ve tried to be Samantha Jones in Sex in the City, but you’ve come to the conclusion that you just need to be your good old-fashioned self.  Point blank — you don’t want drama and disease; therefore, if you want to keep seeing me, then see only me. 

 If you truly want a lasting, committed relationship then you really need to re-think you’re dating strategy, and to value yourself enough to state what you want from the get-go.  If a man runs away because of this, then it’s better to learn that he has commitment issues sooner rather than later.  You can take some comfort in knowing that he isn’t rejecting you; he’s rejecting the higher love you’re offering him.  This doesn’t mean that he’s not into you; it means that he’s just not into a higher love. Stop trying to sell him something he isn’t interested in.

 Wasting your time on a guy, who doesn’t value you enough to commit to you, can keep you from moving forward and finding a man who wants to love you and only you.  Don’t you deserve a man who doesn’t think that there are four hundred Tinderellas out there that he needs to bed before he can be sure that you’re “The One?” 

 If you really want lasting love, commitment, and/or marriage, then pray for a Soul Mate who’s ready, willing, and able to love and commit to you and to commit to healing, and pray to be a Soul Mate who’s ready, willing, and able to do the same.

 Just because the man you’re seeing is happy with hit-and-run relationships and swipe and go encounters, doesn’t mean that you have to go along for the ride.  If he doesn’t want what you want – just tell him to hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more….


 Cindi Sansone-Braff, the Romance Whisperer, talks with the dead to show you how to live well and love better.  She is an award-winning playwright and has a BFA in theatre from the University of Connecticut.  She is the author of Grant Me a Higher Love and Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships. Visit her web site at:








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3 Tips to Choose an Engagement Ring


It is not always easy to know what a woman wants in an engagement ring. There is a lot of contention regarding price points for this type of purchase as well. Yet there are a few main stays that can help any person selecting an engagement ring for their cherished woman. The following are just a few of the many ways to make sure the “yes” applies to the ring as well as the question:


1. Choose a Real Diamond


 Most women will be quite offended if they are offered a cubic zirconia. It does not matter if the ring is from a very prestigious store or not, a zirconia is still a fake gem. These jewels do not have the lustre of a real diamond, and they age poorly. One way to tell if the ring is fake is to breath on it. If the jewel fogs up for more than a brief moment, it is not a real diamond. Do not let a salesperson convince you otherwise.


2. Do not Buy Second Hand


 When a jewel comes from an unknown lady, it usually has a terrible backstory. The jewel might have been rejected by a woman. If your lady finds out, she will automatically feel like her ring has bad associations. That doesn’t mean she is supersitious and believes the ring is cursed or bad luck, but she might not feel that great every time she looks at it. And she may only feel that way subconsciously, but it is still a lot to overcome. A new love deserves a new diamond or other real jewel, not something worn and rejected by the last recipient. This of course does not apply to rings that have been passed down in the family or worn by famous individuals who are now deceased. These are prized items that show a great amount of planning or forethought on the behalf of the giver.


3. Find out Her Style


 There is actually nothing worse than a person choosing a ring for someone else who gets it all wrong. This person might think well it’s the thought that counts, but this isn’t true. A woman has to wear this ring on her finger for a while, so the least one can do is find out what style of rings she likes. If she likes modern trends, get her the exact style she likes. If she likes a classic, find out more about exactly what she means by this. One can visit websites such as mainly silver to get a better idea of what is out there before approaching the idea with a woman. The actual look of the ring should still be a surprise, but it still needs to be exactly the kind of ring she wanted.


 These tips, while not an exhaustive list, can help the giver feel confident in the choice of engagement ring. It is an important decision, so handle it will a measure of care. The woman who receives the ring will be glad you did.

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