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Seven Romantic Techniques to Presenting Your Girlfriend with a Ring

Seven Romantic Techniques to Presenting Your Girlfriend with a Ring

romantic gifts to her 

If you are fortunate enough to have found the love of your life and woman of your dreams who actually returns the emotion, it is likely that you will want to present her with a token of your affective.  One of the most romantic means to expressing your love and the seriousness of your devotion is to offer her a ring.  The very act of presenting your lady love with this token will ensure romantic memories but only if the presentation is romantic.  Irrespective of whether the ring is to be a promise ring like this or an engagement ring, below are the seven romantic ways to give the gift.

 1. Chocolate and Love

 If your lady love enjoys her chocolate, and let’s face it which woman doesn’t, it may be beneficial to use this preference to your advantage.  To go chocolate-y, purchase a box of the most sensual gourmet chocolates from one of the highest quality confectioners in your town.  Remove one of the chocolates, preferably heart-shaped, from the box and replace it with the ring.  Do not forget to wrap the box with exquisite wrapping paper tied with a fancy bow.  Some confectioners will provide this service and it may be worthwhile using this option.  When presenting the box of chocolates to your girlfriend, she will open it expecting chocolates exclusively; however, she is in for a great surprise when she sees the ring.

2. Walks on the Beach

For those individuals who reside in a city near the beach, it may be useful to utilize the romantic scenes of a beach to your advantage.  A romantic idea for ring presentation on the beach is to suggest a day of shell collecting on the beach; however, before heading off you will have purchased a small jewellery box in the shape of an oyster shell.  While your lady love is searching along the shore for shells, place the box along the sand and let out a yell to announce you have discovered something quite unique.  Pick up the box, pass it to your girlfriend and once she opens the fake shell she will find your ring.

3. A Love Poem

For all individuals who enjoy poetry, the use of a love poem could be the ideal way to present your girlfriend with a ring.  To use this technique it is recommended that you purchase a book of love poems, preferably by her favourite poet, and use a utility knife to carve a small square into the pages.  Leave the first three pages intact but carve the square from the fourth page on as a cavity to hold the ring.  Present the book of love poems to your lady and once you have settled with a glass of wine, request that she read a few verses from the book.  After flipping through the pages, she will discover the ring.

4. Scavenger Hunts

All relationships require a dose of fun every now and then to keep the spark alive and what better way than organizing a round of love games.  As a love game, the scavenger hunt can be an exciting and beneficial means of presenting your ring.  When organizing the scavenger hunt allow the final prize to be the ring you have purchased and once she reaches the final destination she will find more than expected.

5. Surrounded By Nature

If your lady is one that enjoys the outdoors, it may be useful to express your devotion in an outdoor environment using nature as a romantic background.  Romantic settings can include hillsides bathed in the sinking sun or lying on the beach beneath a carpet of twinkling stars.  While holding hands with your girlfriends seemingly lost in the beauty of nature, gently slip the box holding the ring into her palm.  She should appear befuddled but the confusion will surely turn to squeals of delight after opening the box.

6. Sensual Treats

If you are looking to create a sensual experience as part of the ring presentation, here is a recommendation to create the correct environment.  Before handing your lady the ring, run a warm bath for her using bath oils and sprinkle rose petals atop the surface.  Ensure there is romantic music playing and light candles to place around the room.  Floating candles should also be placed in the bath with a single candle unlit to place the ring around the wick.  Once she joins you in the romantic bath, float the unlit candle to her and she will see the ring.

7. Classing It Up

A final method to present a ring to your girlfriend in a romantic way is to take her to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  Make it as classy as possible choosing a high quality restaurant and wearing a dinner jacket after stepping out of a rented limousine to collect her.  While she is taking in the chandeliers, the live music, and the crystal dinnerware, request the waiter to bring in the chef’s special for your lady.  This should be covered with the ring on a platter inside it.

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Filling Up My Days with Joy

I watched Everything is Copy, the documentary about Nora Ephron’s life and I can spend days quoting her charm and wit, but a line in the movie has stuck with me: “Eat your last meal when you’re alive.” She means it’s rare to know you’re eating your last meal. In jail, being executed is one of the few ways you can know it’s your last meal. Otherwise, if you’re old or sick, at the end you’re not eating at all and you could have had your last meal months ago without knowing it was your last.

Do I eat my last meal every day just in case? How do you find a happy medium where you can feel like you’ve sucked the living quota out of life while not taking to the reckless extreme? If my last meal is a triple steak, butter, bacon, and cheese sandwich with eight scoops of ice cream; I couldn’t possibly eat that every night and maintain a healthy diet.

The quote resonated with me because I thought back to when I was younger, I always instructed my younger sister to eat her dessert first in case she choked in the middle of her meal and couldn’t get to the best part. [My morbid thoughts started firmly in fourth grade; is that normal?]

There is a fine line between being able to absorb as much joy out of every day and living each day as if it’s your last. It’s fun to imagine engaging in reckless behavior while balancing logic with hope that you’ll make it another day. For me living life without thinking about consequences is an impossibility. Mortality eliminates repercussion and leaves a blinking NOW in its place. Society’s rhetoric reminds us to “live in the now” and “be here now” and tattoo a “NOW” on our wrist because we have become too anxious focusing on the future.

I was raised to believe too much of anything is no good. Overdosing on pleasure never leads to a happy ending (think heroin, steak, booze, fucking without a condom), the “live-fast, die young biographies” warn. The trick is to fill the days with enough happiness, leaving no room for regret. Until they develop a magic formula that can create the perfect balance I will have to savor the minutes and spare the butter.

I’m writing every day for 365 days.

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The Thing About Poly – My life with 2 women.

First of all, I guess I should explain ‘polyamory’ – a horrible mishmash of a word but the name for something quite glorious. Polyamory is the practice of being open to being involved in more than one romantic relationship at a time.  

Second, let me clear something up – this is not about sex ( it can be but not always).

Why am I writing? To explain things and extol the virtues of a lifestyle that has made me, and a lot of my friends, much happier. 

Love is not a finite quantity – as anyone with lots of children will know. So, loving my girlfriend doesn’t mean there is less love for my partner, or that my girl’s boyfriend gets any less love.  What we have learnt, as we have taken our journey through poly is that actually love only grows. ‘One true love’ is a fantasy that lots of people hold dear, but none of us in my linear poly string really know why.  Sure, being loved by one person is awesome – but believe me being loved by two is better. Both my lovely women love me in such different ways, and I love them very differently. 

My partner is the woman I will grow old with, we have a home together, a mortgage, cats, a joint bank account – security, stability, comfort and care. We are family. We go out for dinner, we leave each other little notes, we buy each other treats. There’s no pulse-racing, but there is complete and total love and trust. 

My girl is a ball of delight, she’s energetic, fun and has shown me over the last four years why I am worth loving.When I see myself through her eyes, I can smile about who I am. She lives a long way away, but we talk everyday. I couldn’t live with her, we’d drive each other barmy, apart from the fact that my life & hers wouldn’t fit comfortably together. My life with my partner was happiness enough, I wasn’t looking for ‘something else’ but my girl has taken it to a whole new level. 

That’s the wonderful thing about Poly – I don’t have to choose.  As they started telling us in nursery school – it’s nice to share, and before any of you start getting ‘ideas’ – no, my girl & my partner don’t have a relationship (apart from being friends). This is real life, not a bad late-night movie, okay? 

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